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Fire Recovery Volunteers

July 9, 2009

The fires that swept through San Diego County were truly devastating. However, there are some brave individuals willing to toil to ensure the safety of housing communities in this dry hot region of the country. Last week, I saw this rejuvenating blend of strength and altruism send a cooling and reassuring breeze across some of the barren landscape that was left in the wake of the fire. Seth Connolly, the Fire Recovery Coordinator for Volunteer San Diego, teamed up with volunteers from CareFusion, a medical-technology company. The fire had ravaged a building but the foundation of that site remained ready for future growth. A couple who had rented in Ramona their whole lives finally had a chance at their dream of owning a house because Habitat for Humanity was going to rebuild on the site and give them a home. The volunteers worked laboriously to clear brush and flammable debris in the hopes that this worthy couple could finally achieve this vision. The volunteers had experience in this type of assistance, as many had served in regions damaged by hurricanes and other natural disasters. The few hours we spent with weed whackers and clippers brought relief for many people.

Adrianne Burleigh, Citizen Action AmeriCorps Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
Volunteer San Diego

Again, be sure to take a look at the newest video podcast which features footage from CareFusion’s recent “Day of Caring” volunteer event.

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