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VSD Referral Program

September 29, 2009

Working at Volunteer San Diego (VSD) to aid people in finding satisfying volunteer opportunities has opened my eyes to the simple ways one person can help another to have a meaningful experience. The Referral Program that our organization offers has been incredibly satisfying. Often an eager prospective volunteer will call with a specific cause in mind that speaks to them individually. Homelessness, tutoring or a myriad of other issues that effect humanity and more immediately San Diego County, attracts attention from many caring people from all walks of life. Often a person who wants to volunteer but who is unsure of what kind of venue will suit them will call needing assistance with their philanthropic investigations. In this capacity, I offer direction and instruction on searching our website, a website that has a page to conduct detailed searches according to zip code, topic and other criteria.

In addition, the court system connects us with many people who need to complete mandatory hours of service in accordance with the kind of violation committed. Prospective volunteers generally feel relieved when they realize I am here to assist them in finding options and opening doors. Often, the mandatory hours people serve help them to develop and deepen their interests in things that touch many lives. Who knew that a situation ordered by a legal entity could develop into something that heals the spirit and enriches the lives of so many?

Adrianne Burleigh, former Citizen Action AmeriCorps Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
Volunteer San Diego

If you want to help connect people to volunteer opportunities, please click here to read more about being a Volunteer Referral Specialist.

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