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Flex Project Highlight: Therapeutic Horseback Riding

December 8, 2009

Saturday, November 28, was a stormy day across the county. Many Team Leaders had to cancel their outdoor projects due to the weather. However, Velinda Primus and her small group of volunteers persevered at the Therapeutic Horseback Riding project with the Therapeutic Equestrian Activity Center for the Handicapped (TEACH) in Lakeside, showing that rain or shine, VSD Flex Volunteers get the job done!

Here is Velinda’s story:

“Although lessons were canceled, we worked in the rain and hail cleaning stalls and digging small trenches to aid with water run-off so the horse stalls would not grow into small ponds. The volunteers went beyond expectations in doing this hard, muddy work with joy. I feel all TEACH students (24) benefited from the work that was done even though we did not work with them directly. Maintaining the health of the horses by the maintenance of the stalls keeps the program running efficiently to serve the students.

The volunteers expressed interest in returning to help during a normal lesson day to enjoy working with the horses and children on a nice sunny day. “

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is one of our many flex projects. We encourage you to sign up for this or any of the flex projects on our calendar. Flexible volunteer projects are posted at the beginning of each month, one month ahead of time. We have just finished posting January’s projects. Make an early New Year’s resolution and sign up to volunteer!

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  1. March 30, 2010 5:02 pm

    I must start by saying that this blog is wonderful. It is so encouraging that you get people out there helping. Therapeutic horse back riding works for disabled citizens, people recovering from drug use, and mentally ill individuals. My daughter is involved in therapeutic horseback riding and it has been a life saver to her. She really enjoys it. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog!

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