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Project Highlight: WitKids’ Dinner Garden

February 11, 2010

WitKids, one of our fantastic member organizations, educates, inspires, and empowers kids to make a difference in their school, community, and the world through volunteer work and community service, Whatever It Takes!

WitKids has partnered with the The Dinner Garden, a national organization that fights hunger, for a project in Amici Park in Little Italy. On Saturday, January 30, volunteers spent the day bagging seeds, making pots out of newspaper, and distributing seed packets to families in need. Sixty-four families participated in this spectacular volunteer event.

Several WitKids volunteers shared their experiences:

“My day started off with getting one of the WitKids t-shirts, and thinking that I can do whatever it takes just by packaging seeds. I soon start my day at a table packaging many different seeds, making cards, and planting seeds in a newspaper vase. What I also like is that everything is environmentally safe and everybody there is so friendly. And when it came to the end of the day Ms. Hernholm [the Director and Founder of WitKids] gave an announcement that we did Whatever It Takes and that we the kids are successful when we all work together as one whole, and remember keep on doing,” Whatever It Takes.”
– Emily W. (age 10)

“I had a good time helping WitKids! I got to have fun and make the world a
better place at the same time. No matter what you do, you are always
someone. I got to bag seeds (broccoli, parsnip, mustard etc.), make pots out of
newspapers to use to grow the seeds in, make cards to make people smile and
I got to meet the designer-girl of the WitKids t-shirt. I had the most fun telling people about WitKids and the seeds at the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy. I met so many nice people! There is nothing like WitKids!”
– Brody E. (age 8)

A parent’s perspective: “WitKids was a special adventure for our family. Not only was it a ‘feel good’ day doing something good and ‘passing it forward’, but the day had extra magic as we got to watch our kids GIVE from the heart and do Whatever It Takes to bring a smile to others we walk on the planet with.”

Many thanks to the WitKids volunteers for making such a difference in our local community! Interested in other projects with WitKids? Click here. Want to volunteer with your entire family? Click here for family-friendly projects.

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