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Casino Night by Chris Huntley

April 13, 2010

For two years, I’ve enjoyed the incredible thrill of serving our community through projects arranged by Volunteer San Diego. As a busy husband and father of two little girls, and working full time in life insurance, I simply don’t have a lot of time to donate. That’s where the benefits of working with Volunteer San Diego come in to play, as their service projects are numerous and flexible to boot. Their projects seem to fit into any schedule and any area in which you’re passionate to serve.


The particular project that suits my schedule and passion for service is the Casino Night at Country Hills Healthcare in El Cajon. As someone who loves blackjack and poker, I can’t think of a more diverting way to bring a smile to a senior’s face. And smile they do. We typically play blackjack and bingo, but I tend to stick around the blackjack table.


My favorite duty is dealing. You’d be surprised by the high quality of play by the blackjack participants. Perhaps some of the residents there are former “high rollers”. Many of them know how to play the odds, such as when you should hit and when you should stay, and it’s not unusual after a night filled with doubling down, splitting, and getting paid on blackjacks, for them to clean me out.


It brings a smile to my heart too how much they mean business. They’re only playing for nickels, but you’d think some of their social security checks were on the line as competitive as they get. Just watch out if you’re dealing there, because if you miscount when you’re adding their cards (which I frequently do), they catch you every time, and let you know about it.


I’ve personally gotten a great deal of satisfaction every time I’ve gone, and thank Volunteer San Diego for orchestrating such a creative event. The residents love their casino night and truly appreciate the volunteers’ efforts at VSD. I know I feel appreciated and always leave with a smile. So next time you check the schedule and see Casino Night at Country Hills Healthcare, I highly recommend you sign up for the project, come out and visit us, and come ready for a blackjack of an experience.

Chris Huntley is a volunteer at Country Hills Healthcare and our first featured Guest Blogger Celebrating Volunteer Month. Please visit his blog at

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