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Help Save AmeriCorps

February 23, 2011

Recently, the House of Representatives released a budget that completely eliminates the Corporation for National and Community Service. If passed, nearly 650,000 AmeriCorps and Senior Corps positions will be eliminated.

We need your help. Check out

AmeriCorps is like a domestic Peace Corps where members serve a one-year term to improve local communities. AmeriCorps members have been vital to San Diego and Volunteer San Diego. Right now, 11 AmeriCorps members are serving 10 organizations by recruiting new volunteers so they can serve more youth and families in need. These new volunteers helped serve more than 10,000 San Diegans in the last quarter alone.

AmeriCorps members helped community organizations register and post projects with VSD, providing resources and encouragement for expanding their volunteer engagement.

AmeriCorps members helped expand VSD’s Flex program making it easier for San Diegans to get involved and helping ease the volunteer management for the organizations served.

AmeriCorps members helped clear brush after the 2007 wildfires for homeowners that were elderly or disabled. This work meant that scores of families were able to meet fire code and rebuild their homes.

AmeriCorps members developed and expanded VSD’s disaster program that eventually registered 10,000 spontaneous volunteers after the fires and made 3,500 referrals for volunteer needs.

These are just a few examples of members who have served through VSD. Hundreds more members serve throughout San Diego right now, directly improving thousands of lives. In the process, they receive valuable professional experience that serves them throughout their careers.

The budget is grim and many organizations are at risk of funding cuts. It is precisely for this reason that AmeriCorps is so critical. The members are a resource for organizations facing cuts and a vehicle for increasing community engagement. AmeriCorps members and the volunteers they recruit and support have never been needed more.

Help us tell this story at Friday’s Save Service District Day. Thanks for your support and thanks to all who are serving or have served as an AmeriCorps member!


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