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Winner of “This AmeriCorps Life” Photo Contest

June 9, 2011

When the majority of your AmeriCorps team is filled with women who enjoy taking photos, you can be sure that your AmeriCorps year will be well documented with pictures. It also helps when one of the VIP members is placed at a site that specializes in photography. So when CalSERVES, the managing organization for the AmeriCorps VIP program asked us to submit photos and videos for a contest titled This AmeriCorps Life, we knew we had plenty of materials to submit.

The results were announced late last week and it turns out we had a winner! A picture (or a series of pictures) from the Martin Luther King Day of Service out at Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy proved to be just what they were looking for when it came to most creative photo.

For the MLK Day of Service, our VIPs and the AmeriCorps NCCC team stationed at Lakeside during that time planted 125 plants within two hours. During a small break, AmeriCorps VIP members, Lindy (serving at Volunteer San Diego) and Rachel (serving at Outside the Lens) found a caterpillar and decided to take a closer look. The only problem was, the little guy wasn’t too fond of Rachel’s hand.

Take a look at our winning submission:

Look at the fuzzy caterpillar!
Wow he is fast! Where is he going?


Don’t worry he survived and crawled away; hopefully becoming one of the many beautiful butterflies out in Lakeside!

Check out all the winners of the This AmeriCorps Life Volunteer Infrastructure Photo Contest by clicking here.

Volunteer San Diego is proud of this year’s AmeriCorps VIP team; who by the way are super creative. If you would like to be a part of next year’s AmeriCorps VIP team, click here for more information.

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