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In remembrance of 9/11

August 19, 2011

The Day the World Stood Still…

September 11, 2001, stirs sorrowful memories for those who watched the events unfold.

The attack on the World Trade Center stunned the world and shut down our skies.

How one remembers the day is highly personal; but the families of the fallen have asked us to serve.

How one honors the warriors lost overseas, is also personal; but their families have asked us to serve.

On this tenth anniversary of the attack, Volunteer San Diego invites you to join a growing and national movement to make 9/11 a day of service.

That week, sponsor a service project at your place of business.  Or search our webpages for volunteer opportunities which lie within your own range of interests and abilities.  Or commit one, simple death-defying act of kindness you’ve long wanted to carry out but have put off day after day—be it helping a dependent senior enjoy an afternoon of freedom or donating blood so that others might live.

Or visit a new kind of town hall: Share the tribute you intend to offer the week of September 11 and…

Join a national force for the good.

–From all the staff, paid and volunteer, at Volunteer San Diego

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