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Sharing the Volunteer Experience

August 29, 2011

As a Social Media Assistant for Volunteer San Diego I am constantly trying to think of the best way to get the word out on volunteering. Sometimes I try so hard to think of something witty and clever that I tend to simply over-think the task. This precise realization occurred to me Tuesday when I got an email from my friend and fellow Social Media Assistant, Scott.
Scott sent a short email to a small group of people explaining that he was volunteering at the San Diego Food Bank that Thursday, there were eight volunteer spots left, and that he encouraged us to join him if we could. He also included a hyperlink that would take us directly to the event registration on the Volunteer San Diego website.

After reading his email I checked my calendar and realized my Thursday evening was free so I clicked the link and signed up. A couple of days later I was at the San Diego Food Bank for the first time working alongside Scott and an outstanding group of volunteers. That night we packed over 1,000 boxes of food that would soon be delivered to those in need. It was only two hours of work, but I had a really wonderful time, and all it took to get me there was Scott’s email.

There is genius in simplicity, and the genius behind Scott’s email really stuck with me. What he did is something we all can do: Share with our friends. Share your volunteer event the same way you would recommend a great restaurant or movie. The next time you sign up for an event I encourage you to share it with your friends by tweeting the link or posting it on your Facebook wall. You can add a short blurb with the link, something like: “Hi friends, I’m volunteering at the Humane Society. If you’re interested, come and join me!” Or, like Scott, you can simply email your friends a link to the event registration. While not everyone will be able to join you, surely they will recognize and appreciate your willingness to share that opportunity with them and just might even join you the next time around.

So please, share your time and your experiences! Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend, everyone.

-James Lee, Social Media Assistant
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