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Are You Ready?

September 15, 2011

Last week’s power outage taught many of us that we weren’t as prepared for an emergency as we had thought we were.

 Did you have the gas and the cash, the medicines and the pet food, the flashlights and the batteries, the drinking water and the dry food you needed to pull through?  Which of your your phones worked?  Did you go into “p.c. withdrawal?”  How did you discover and keep up with the news?  Where had you stored your important contacts?

 Now take a minute to imagine this:  what if that outage had lasted a week?

That’s what we could expect following a major earthquake in Southern California. 

With little loss or harm, we can draw invaluable lessons from last week’s experience in what is, ironically, Disaster Preparedness Month. 

Don’t wait.  Get ready now!  

Visit our partners at: or  Make a plan, build a kit, and learn about the risks throughout our region.

Add this site to your “favorites” or “bookmarks”: where you’ll find a wealth of news and practical tips on living more safely in wildfire country. 


Each week and up to “The Great California Shake-Out” on October 20, we’ll run tips on on volunteering in a disaster—what to do, what not to do in support of our responding agencies, on our Facebook page.

Heroes start at home. 

Be one. 

Prepare family, friends, and co-workers now for a major disaster striking San Diego County.

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